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Laconiko Olio Nuovo NEW 2020 Harvest

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Olio Nuovo meaning “new oil” is our family’s Unfiltered Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our first two weeks of our olive Harvest with a peppery, rich, buttery, robust flavor. This has extremely high polyphenol count(antioxidants)! Exceptional on any dish! It is great on salads, breads, vegetables, dips, pasta, and even great for cooking (sautéing, marinating, grilling) . This is not your ordinary extra virgin olive oil! Available only for the first couple of months after our olive harvest. This Olive Oil comes Unfiltered, that means it has a lot of olive oil fiber still in the olive oil.

Acidity: 0.18

k270: 0.103

k232: 1.335

DK: -0.004

Peroxide Value: 2.29

Polyphenols: 615

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